SPOT MY ENERGY offers its smart metering services to installers (of rooftop PV, of heat pumps, of residential storage or EV charging) who need to provide their customers with smart metering and a home energy management system.


The goal is to give customers full transparency on and control of their self-generated power. Together, we will enable your customers to enhance transparency on energy flows, to increase the rate of self-consumption, and to benefit from smart tariffs sourced on spot markets. Let’s work together to digitize the energy transition.


Once the PV panels are set up and connected to the grid, installers often have to wait for weeks or even months for the DSO to install the required new meter(s). This prevents the final check-off by the customer and also the commissioning of the PV system. Your customer wastes kilowatthours and thus money, and probably also your time. The project lingers on although 99% of the work is already done.

Once your customers have optimized their usage of self-generated PV power, they will become curious on how to optimize their residual load. They will ask for time-of-use tariffs to buy the electricity they need when prices on short-term power markets are low or even negative.

Likewise, our system also allows to trade surplus PV generation on short-term markets, e.g. if prices on spot markets are higher than the PV operator’s fixed feed-in tariff.

The more PV units, EVs, heat pumps, and residential storage batteries are installed, the higher the need of your customers becomes to implement a system to align the different units with each other. In short: It’s not only the smart meter that is required, it’s also a software that optimizes self-consumption and opens the path to more sophisticated use cases like time-of-use tariffs.

Our Solution

1. Install Smart Meter

Our staff or you as our partner will install SPOT MY ENERGY meters on-site. As a metering point operator, we facilitate the final check-off of your PV projects.

2. Connect Devices

All devices that are behind the meter are now metered and monitored through our system. All tracked units are optimized automatically through our HEMS to increase the rate of self-consumed PV power.

3. Track & Optimize

Your customer can now easily spot where and when electricity is consumed and/or generated. The second benefit is flexibility: Time-of-use tariffs now allow a significant reduction in power costs.


Get on board to get to know our solutions. Fill out the short questionnaire and we will get in touch with you.



We are open for any installers of PV, EV charging points, home battery storage and/or heat pumps that are looking for support with installing smart meters and home energy management systems.

Contrary to most DSOs as metering point operators, we provide our services fast and in a convenient way.

Additionally, we do not only provide hardware (smart meters) but also the necessary energy management system to optimize local energy flows, e.g. to increase the rate of PV self-consumption, and smart energy tariffs. 

No, we are not a grid operator. In Germany – in contrast to most other countries – a metering point operator doesn’t need to be a grid operator. According to German energy law, metering point operators can be either DSOs or a private company. We are the latter.

Spot My Energy covers all of Germany in all DSO areas.



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