Job Offer Energy Data

JOB OFFER: ENERgy data manager


You can be a pioneer at SPOT MY ENERGY! You enjoy shaping the world around you and tackling things yourself. The start-up scenario is full of opportunities for you.


You are responsible for the design, development, operation and further development of our energy data management software. As part of the founding team of SPOT MY ENERGY, you will be responsible not only for your field, but also for the further development of the company as a whole. You will start out on your own and then gradually build up your team along the growth path of SPOT MY ENERGY.


You design the energy data management system according to the legal requirements, the internal process requirements of SPOT MY ENERGY, and the needs of our future customers.

You ensure a smooth flow of required energy data to all internal interfaces and actively work with your colleagues in the team to improve internal and external processes.

You actively shape the further development and growth of SPOT MY ENERGY with your creative ideas and constructive input.

Your Key Tasks

Energy Data Management

You are responsible for the provision, transmission, processing and storage of balancing group, nomination and meter data. You are the first point of contact for all questions, from software-related inquiries to customer advice, and ensure that they are dealt with.

Compliance / Workflows

You establish modern workflows and structures in energy data management and in the way you cooperate with your stakeholders at SPOT MY ENERGY to ensure compliance with laws, guidelines and internal requirements. In this way, you contribute to the establishment of effective compliance management at SPOT MY ENERGY.

Balancing Group Management

You check load profiles and time series, set up calculations for the balancing of energy volumes and check balancing group settlements. You use the data obtained in this way for analyses and forecasts on the electricity market.

Power Sales

As the central interface between energy procurement and sales, you work closely with electricity traders to sell the consolidated electricity volumes in the best possible way.

Customer Support

You are the first point of contact for our customers’ technical questions about energy data management. You also explain complex issues in an understandable and comprehensible way.

Corporate Developement

Initially, you will work alone with the SPOT MY ENERGY core team to lay the foundations for the further development of the company. As the company grows, you will gradually expand your department to include employees who fit into the SPOT MY ENERGY team, and act as their team lead. In addition, you will establish a close cooperation with the other departments as this is essential for the development of SPOT MY ENERGY.

YOUR Background


We put smart power into the spotlight by digitising the energy transition and bringing transparency to energy flows. As a metering point operator and power trader based in Cologne-Deutz, we form a network of flexible electricity consumers and PV electricity producers. We develop and implement smart meters and a system for optimising energy consumption, energy generation and energy trading that our customers can easily and profitably use themselves. This gives them full control over their energy: simple, accurate, timely and profitable. In short, we are replacing outdated analogue infrastructures with smart and digital tools for optimal control of energy consumption and generation. For the benefit of our customers, we are integrating millions of small consumption points into the energy market with smart meters.



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